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SMART XPRESS DRUM COMPOSTER Shredding and Curing take place in Smart Drum Composter employing micro-organisms to convert the shredded organic waste to compost. Aerobic composting being exothermic reaction generates heat which further helps in removing the moisture by evaporation in addition to the sawdust and renders dry, ready to use compost in few days. The material of the drum is LLDPE to ensure maximum life of the machine. Smart Xpress Drum Composter Click here for technologies Specification
                     Hydraulic Cutter This rock Splitter material of the splitting cylinder is high strength aluminum and special steel material .It is light weight easy to handle and creating high performance pressure. Hydraulic splitter splits much faster and gives greater output, it can be used for horizontal as well as vertical position for cracking or splitting concrete and rocks. The Hydraulic rock splitters are available in three models S-36, S-90, S-240. FEATURES     Single Person Can Easily Use To Perform Operation.    Hydraulic Rock Splitter Produces Force Of 415 Tons.   Hydraulic Rock Splitter Can Work Under Water.   Powerful On All Types Of Ground Strata.   It Can Be Used Vertical And Horizontal Direction.   Performs Smooth Splitting Operation.   Noiseless, Environment – Friendly And Dust Free Operation.   Operator Can Easily Learn To Operate The Splitter Within A Short Time. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS For Details Contact Us on  http://www.r